Mael's website

AOL Instant Messenger The Messenger has been turned offline by it's provider but there is an alternative server. AIM Service Website from Phoenix Vintage Messaging
MSN Messenger Microsoft Network Messenger brought to you by Microsoft has shut off msn messenger but there is an alternative server. MSN Messenger Service Website by Escargot MSN
Google talk/Hangouts This messenger is still in service secretly by google using hangouts. there is a way to get hangouts to work in jabber messengers. N/A
Yahoo Messenger This messenger has been shutdown by Yahoo just as the others have been but there is an alternative server for this instant messenger. Yahoo Messenger Service Website by Phoenix
Blackberry Messenger/BBM Blackberry Messenger was shutdown on Blackberry phones but there is an alternative. They activated the enterprise version of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for BBM Home users as well as enterprise BBM users. Search your phone's appstore for BBM to install the Enterprise App.
Open-Simulator / OSGrid Open Simulator is the base system of of different services called grids. for example there is OSGrid which is what one of the grids i've been using to keep interacting with people. if you would like to sign up then feel free to do it by clicking on the link to the right of this box.
If you would like to visit my personal land on OSGrid and are already using OSGrid by default then click here to visit my personal land on OSGrid otherwise click here to visit my personal land from other grid. This is called hypergridding.
OSGrid's service website

Opensimulator Service website

If you feel the need to contact me via instant message or otherwise virtual world as an importants from forums, you may do so from the list above which does not define my username nor any identity. it does however does define my virtual land location in the list description in order for people to visit the land. You must retrieve my instant messaging usernames from me in other ways befoe you can instant message me on any of these instant messaging services and you must register your own username to do so. No username of your own means you will not be able to contact me via instant message on these services.