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You must follow these rules!

1. if you absolutely must interact with other people then you are required to respect their wishes and opinions.

2. When something doesn't go your way you are to let it go. causing a ruckus towards, about, or for someone else is never the answer. it just makes your situation worse. Please forget about what you want and come back for it another time. things do not always go your way every single time.

3. Do not cause flame conversations as you will not be given another chance. it is rude to other people using this message board and it is absolutely unkind to the person you're doing it towards. (banned on the first catch!)

4. You absolutely must be 18+ to have adult-like conversations on this message board no matter which section you're using. this includes private messaging features.

5. inappropriate photography of real people is prohibited as it causes privacy concerns amongst some people who do not wish to have their photos sent into an open area. Please respect their privacy and if you don't you will be warned once and the second time caught there will be a permaban. You do not have the right to argue the point about it even if it is your own photograph.

6. All CGI photographs posted on this message board are accepted on one condition. It must be CGI photographs that are not of real people. if caught posting any such CGI photographs of real people, you will be warned a maximum of 4 times. Nudity in CGI photographs is allowed. (CGI can and will feel real sometimes which you must learn to live with)

7. If you would like access to the adult-rated topics on this message board, please ask the staff or look for the password to the category. Please no trouble or the password will be taken away from you which may interrupt other people's experience. think of the other members before causing any trouble in the adult-rated category.

Adult Category Password:

8. By posting adult content in the adult section of the forums you agree to prevent underage people from viewing that content.
To prevent underage people from viewing your adult content you must use the 18plus prefix in your posts. prefixes are a required setting for adult content posts. If a post is seen without a prefix it will be permanently deleted and you will receive a warning. Do not continue to post adult content without a prefix after an adult content post has been removed or you will be prevented from posting to the forums. If the post ban has been lifted you must not continue your actions. If your actions continue with prefixless adult content posts you will be banned from the forums.

9. Guests are not allowed to use the contact page anymore due to spam coming through it to the webmaster's email inbox. Please register an account and wait for approval which is required.
account registration spam is strictly prohibited and will get you permabanned, it is not tolerated!
Admin or mod must know the registrant in order to approve account registrant access.

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